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        Wi-Fi chips
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        重磅芯品!冠亚体育推出国内首款1x1双频并发 Wi-Fi 6量产芯片 深度布局高阶Wi-Fi芯片领域
        六载芯路 I 蓄力技术长期主义 持续拓展产品纵深领域
        冠亚体育入选China Fabless 100排行榜,并斩获中国IC设计成就奖
        走进冠亚体育 I 中国移动产投协同彩虹桥系列活动
        Knockout chip! WUQI Launched China's First 1x1 DBDC Wi-Fi 6 Chip and Stepped in to the High-end Wi-Fi Chip Market
        Go Global: WUQI Microelectronics Made a Debut in NEPCON Japan Autumn 2023 with Its Bestsellers
        WQ9201 Took a Place in Domestic High-end Wi-Fi Chip Market
        Ni Guangnan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his delegation visited WUQI Shanghai R&D Center
        New Year's Greetings for 2024: Toward the Chip, Break through the Waves
        WUQI Joins the RVEI to Empower the Development of RISC-V Industry Ecology
        WUQI introduces a multimodal 3D vision processing chip, moving from the lightweight market to the vast robotics.
        Double success! WUQI has been honored with the China IC Design Awards and selected for the China Fabless 100 List Again.
        IIC Shanghai 2023国际集成电路展览会
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